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Magistratura dissertasiya işini uğurla müdafiə edən tələb...

Dos. Sərvər QurbanovDünya İqtisadiyyatı Kafedrasının Müdiri Beynəlxalq İqtisadi Münasibə

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Dünya İqtisadiyyatı Kafedrasının iki məzunu KPMG şirkətin...

“2011-ci ildə Qafqaz Universitetinin Dünya Iqtisadiyyati ixtisasına qəbul oldum. Qafqaz Universitetini se&cce

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I’m writing to you again, but this time from Rome, one of the oldest and prettiest cities in the world! In this a

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Dünya İqtisadiyyatı Kafedrasının Tələbəsi, Azərbaycan Res...

Yəqin bir çox tələbə universitetdə əldə etdikləri bilikləri iş həyatına başladıqdan sonra praktikada tətbiq edərk

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Welcome to the World Economics Department. In this section, you will get introductory information about our department, education and training processes, research studies, students` social activities and best wishes from our alumni.

Curriculum of world economics department provides education which enables to figure out how to match limited resources with unlimited human wants, how to allocate resources productively, how to deal with problems which occur while production and distribution activities take place in real life and how to analyse them with theorecital and practical scientific knowledge. Also, modern curriculum lets students to have either an academic career or business career in national or multinational companies. Curriculum of world economics is determined with the same direction which is established by worldwide and Azerbaijani outstanding universities. As a result of this effort, we will able to educate intellectual students, that will work for many positions in private and government bodies in any economic structure. Also, our alumni tend to be have enough knowledge base, to find remedies for the regional and global economic problems and will be intellectual member of world society.

While establishing cirriculum, special attention is directed to educate students with creative mindset. Because of this reason, during first three years, not only economics and statistics, but also, mathematics and econometrics are taught. While learning basic computer skills, students do have chance to learn statictics and econometrics analyse packages softwares. Duration of education in world economics department, including one year english preparation class, lasts in 5 years. In this major, on one hand, courses which are very close to basics of economics and international economics, on the other hand, courses like business administration, accounting, management, law, statistics and international relations are taught. Main purpose of all courses is to provide students intellectual mindset and besides that educate them in a way that enables them having analitical talents and improve their skills.


Thank you very much for visiting our website,

Best Regards,

Sarvar Gurbanov, Ph.D.

Head of World Economics Department


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